Rebel L

26 11 2007

Following last week’s “Cookie Starts with C”, thought I’d share this one as well.  


Cookie starts with C

22 11 2007

Why? For no other reason except we’re all a bit bummed out over housing delays here and this made me smile…

Thanks to Popbitch for the link.

I know it’s a bit mac geek but…

21 11 2007

Thought this was a nice bit of web advertising.

Saudi Gang Rape Victim Jailed

15 11 2007

You remember Saudi Arabia right? Our partners in the war on terror? You remember Gordon Brown getting chummy with King Abdullah last month?

Well this is how they treat their people. 

Sometimes this world is more hateful, more vicious, more disgusting, violent and repugnant than we can even comprehend, never mind stomach. Fucking scum.

24: The Unaired 1994 Pilot

10 11 2007

It wasn’t so long ago…

Call the Karma Police!

7 11 2007

You bad bad people…

(I paid £7.00 for the album by the way, the same amount as it would have been on iTunes, so I shall bask in a moment of being intolerably self-righteous).

Oh, and I quite liked it.

Dennis Kucinich kicks ass

7 11 2007

Plus his wife is quite pleasant to look at…