Ooh photos too!

22 07 2008

Just testing; what with being able to post on the go and insert pics into my posts, my Twitter account may soon start to get dusty.



Hooray for the App store!

22 07 2008

WordPress on the iPhone! Finally.

The 21 Worst Apple-themed wallpapers ever

3 07 2008

Number 20 really hurts my eyes.

Why I stick with Apple

16 04 2008

I’ve always known Microsoft didn’t really have their finger on the cultural pulse but this video surprised even me (well at least the 15 seconds I managed to watch before cringing into a huddled ball in the corner of the room anyway).

It’s all particularly painful as I rediscovered Bruce’s live version of Tom Wait’s “Jersey Girl” this morning. That song never gets tired.

Mac Users are ‘Open, Liberal, Superior’

18 01 2008

I can’t work out whether this makes me sound a nice guy or a complete dick.

“Mac users are open-minded, liberal, and a little smug, according to brand advertising network, Mindset Media. The study revealed that people who are highly open-minded are 60 per cent more likely than people in the general population to have purchased a Mac.These purchasers are also more liberal, less modest, and more assured of their own superiority than the population at large, it is claimed. Mindset Media defines this openness as people who seek rich, varied and novel experiences, believing that imagination and intellectual curiosity contribute to a life well lived. They are receptive to their own inner feelings and may feel both happiness and unhappiness more intensely than others.” 

 I guess that’s a question to put to the floor. Answers on a postcard…

I know it’s a bit mac geek but…

21 11 2007

Thought this was a nice bit of web advertising.

New houses and technolust

11 08 2007

While I’m pretty bad anyway at keeping this blog alive anyway, one of the things I seem to be particularly bad at is keeping it with actual details of what’s happening in my life. And so as I’ve nipped into Ice Mango for a few minutes, I thought I’d take the opportunity to talk about life, the universe and everything.

I seem to be getting quite a nice Saturday afternoon tradition going at the moment. Helen’s working today so I decided to wonder into town and buy some food for dinner tonight (baked sea bass with lemon and fennel). Well it’s either that or sitting in front of the PS2 replaying San Andreas for the hundredth time until I get pressure sores.

Life seems to be going pretty well at the moment. The good news is that Helen and I have had an offer accepted for a new house. We’ve been accepted for a mortgage (how did that happen?) and we’ve managed to sell the old house so the list of potential cock-ups is reducing. Still trying to resist getting too excited about it though.

The house itself is in Thorpe Astley which we’ve been reliably informed is a step up classwise from Thurcaston Park where we were originally looking. Plus it has three bedrooms so I can have an office as well as an en-suite bathroom, conservatory and laminate flooring downstairs so we’re both pretty chuffed. Still waiting to find out when we’re moving mind. Expect more moving nightmare blogs in the months to come.

All the financial manouvering we’ve been doing of course has given me the opportunity to upgrade my Mac. I’ve not actually had this iBook all that long, but as I need to finish this web design course I’m doing, plus planning to do an HNC in Photography this year, an upgrade was in order. I’ve been planning to do such an upgrade for a few months but was waiting for Apple to release new iMacs. Now I’ve got the funds available but the only thing stopping me from going and buying it is the usual trepidation at spending such a huge amount of cash.

Anyway, this afternoon I wondered into KRCS in the Haymarket and even though it’s only been about four days since they were announced, they are already in stock there so I got have a drool at them. They really are quite amazingly thin and the glass screen didn’t bother me as much as I thought it might.

Lovely iMacs in KRCS

Should I resist? Can I resist? Probably not.

Anyway, my coffee has gone cold so I shall sign off.