I want to believe (even if it’s fake)

15 07 2008

Just saw some cool poster art for the upcoming X-Files film which I thought I’d share. They’re fake, but I thought they were cool.

Gia Milinovich, whose blog I follow regularly, is doing UK promotion for the film and put these on her Flickr account. She liked this Saul Bass tribute poster…

I, however, prefer the 60’s poster tribute.

Also, looking forward to the film big time…


Die Freehand Die!

17 05 2007

Hot on the heels of Scumbag Falwell’s demise, here’s another passing that I am pretty sure I won’t be wearing a black armband for.

Even ten years since I started using it, my frustrated hours trying to use this horrid little drawing program still haunt me.

I won’t be missing it.