Let’s get it on…

1 09 2008

McCain’s secret Palin thoughts…

Blunt comedy at it’s bluntest, sure, but he’s definitely checking out her ass in this video.

Cheers to Gia for the link.


I am Home Alone…

27 08 2008

Tee Hee…

Fiscal conservatism?

8 08 2008

Local Idiot to Post Comment On Internet

6 08 2008

I really really love The Onion.

It’s also worth saying that comments on YouTube are not a good indicator for the future of humanity.

If only…

26 07 2008

One can dream I suppose…

Five terrible life lessons Hollywood loves to teach us

2 07 2008

Just saw this post on Cracked.com (which is fast becoming a highlight of my RSS feed backlog every morning).

Something about this hit a nerve I think. I particularly liked the one about not having to take any initiative in life. Neo, Luke Skywalker, Harry Potter, you can all go fuck yourself.

On the other hand, as far as risible life lessons go, nothing comes close to the entire premise of this film.

The Happening, condensed (thankfully)

28 06 2008

This would actually be far more entertaining to watch than the pathetic sack of shit movie we ended up subjecting ourselves to the other day. 

It also points out the irony of calling a film “The Happening” where f*** all happens in it.