The Enemies of Reason

14 08 2007

Just a quick note on here to say after my last post how good the Richard Dawkins documentary was last night. Even though it was the first part of a two-parter and his attacks on homeopathy and related bollocks isn’t till next work it was still unmissable viewing.

Tried looking to find the documentary this morning on Google Video with no luck but did find his Richard and Judy interview on YouTube.

Now there’s an intellectual battle of minds…


Charlie Brooker gets it right

13 08 2007

I’ve always had something of a love-hate relationship with Charlie Brooker; he genuinely pisses me off as much as impresses me, but I had to blog about his superb article on Richard Dawkins’ new documentary which airs tonight on Channel Four on spirituality and superstition.

Some choice cuts:

“If it wasn’t for the Enlightenment, you wouldn’t be reading this right now. You’d be standing in a smock throwing turnips at a witch.”

“If you’ve ever described yourself as ‘quite spiritual’, do civilisation a favour and punch yourself in the throat until you’re incapable of speaking aloud ever again. Why should your outmoded codswallop be treated with anything other than the contemptuous mockery it deserves?”

“The NHS recently spent £10m refurbishing the London Homeopathic Hospital. The equivalent of 500 nurses’ wages, blown on a handful of magic beans. That was your tax money. It was meant for saving lives.”

Read the full article here.

PS. I hate to say it, but Richard Dawkins does actually look a bit like Professor Yaffle off Bagpuss.