Jonzeblog Resurrection!

23 07 2011

Well, posting about how you feel bad about how it’s been ages since you updated your blog is a desperate 21st century cliché, but here I am, sat in a field at the marvellous (Good Weekend festival with my shiny new iPad and a beer, and the muse to get writing again struck me.


I shan’t go on, and this is really just a blowing off the cobwebs post, suffice it to say that much has changed since the last post and there’s much to dribble on about, so if you’ve managed to keep following this long, I’ll try and get it interesting again real soon.

Anyway, back to the beer and tunes…


Execute Adulterers!

19 12 2008

As succinct a response to all the anti-gay marriage horse shit as you are likely to get…

Pale Blue Dot

11 12 2008

Posted for no other reason than it’s good to remind ourselves every now and then…

Cheers Mr Simpson for the link.


25 11 2008

Cheers Mr Simpson!

As much as I love Obama…

27 08 2008

… this speech by Dennis Kucinich at the Democratic Convention got my blood pumping.


23 07 2008

Staying in the worst hotel in Swansea (perhaps the world), working in the drug and crime centre of Swansea, and having a pleasant drink with an old friend in a very nice bit, next to a statue of Dylan Thomas. So it all works out.

I kind of like Swansea.



Hooray for the App store!

22 07 2008

WordPress on the iPhone! Finally.