If the world could vote…

12 09 2008

Thanks to Gia for the link.


Let’s get it on…

1 09 2008

McCain’s secret Palin thoughts…

Blunt comedy at it’s bluntest, sure, but he’s definitely checking out her ass in this video.

Cheers to Gia for the link.

“What exactly is it a VP does?”

29 08 2008

I have to admit that when I first read the news about Sarah Palin being chosen for John McCain’s Vice-Presidential running mate this afternoon my first thoughts were that he’d actually been politically shrewd for the first time and that Obama was in trouble.

Reading this article made me feel slightly better.

And then, just to soothe things further, I found this little tidbit on Youtube. Go to about 2:50 to hear exactly why Obama might just have won the Presidency today.

THIS is why I like Obama

14 01 2008

Didn’t get angry, didn’t get Snidey, didn’t attack, didn’t lose his cool. And put Hillary right in her place…

 “What we saw this morning is why the American people are tired of Washington politicians and the games they play. But Sen. Clinton made an unfortunate remark, an ill advised remark, about King and Lyndon Johnson. I didn’t make the statement. I haven’t remarked on it, and she I think offended some folks who felt that somehow diminished King’s role in bringing about the Civil Rights Act. She is free to explain that, but the notion that somehow this is our doing is ludicrous.

I have to point out that instead of telling the American people about her positive vision for America, Sen. Clinton spent an hour talking about me and my record in a way that was flat-out wrong. She suggested that I didn’t clearly and unambiguously oppose the war in Iraq when it is absolutely clear and anyone who has followed this knows that I did. I stood up against the war when she was voting for it, at a time when she didn’t read the intelligence reports or give diplomacy a chance. She belittled the most sweeping ethics reform since Watergate despite the fact that she stood on the sidelines during that negotiations on that bill.”

Read the full text of the speech here.